Mon, Aug 15, 2022
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A Pre-Departure Ceremony for Indian Students to study MBBS in Russia, Sobraniye-2021


Rus Education in collaboration with the Russian Centre for Science and Culture is conducting a memorable event for the Indian students who are going to study MBBS in Russia for the academic year 2021-22.

Sobraniye is a pre-departure ceremony held every year to motivate and bless the medical aspirants for their future career. It is an event specially held for students who have enrolled for MBBS program at the Top Medical Universities of Russia. 

Sobraniye-2021 is going to be blessed with the esteemed presence of eminent dignitaries and personalities to encourage, motivate, and guide the students from all over India before they begin their journey to becoming future doctors.  

Various activities will be conducted for the students who are going to embark on their first journey to Russia for their medical career. This event would also mark the meeting of students and parents who would begin their journey together.

All the students who are going to pursue their MBBS career in Russia are cordially invited to ‘Sobraniye 2021’ along with your near and dear ones.